Diversity Within- Commentary

In 2016 we are seeing the Latino community emerge in sectors like never before, but we still lag in leadership.  We are a diverse group of generations, and of nationalities.  For many of us this is nothing new, as we have been accustomed to working with or living with diverse Latinos growing up.  Internal diversity is enriching, but also presents challenges to unity.  Mexicans, Cuban, Puerto Ricans, Argentinians, Venezuelans, and many nations make up our U.S. Latino community.

This is not a challenge for only Latinos to address, it is truly an American challenge to bring forth the best from all and develop new leaders and innovators for America’ future.  With division comes uncertainty and fear.  With fear comes apathy.  With apathy comes a defeated community.

Our older American generations are being challenged to support our younger diverse community.  This too is asking us to confront our fears and discomfort.  Our elders have wisdom to share, and we can’t afford to fall behind in a world that is testing the resolve of free societies.

Potential and opportunity drive our American dreams, a they drove the dreams of our parents.  Its that dream of flight that inspires our young and emboldens us to reach higher and create.  Before we can reach higher, we have to learn to reach out to each other to encourage the best within us.  We can’t diminish the dream, because its more that talk, the dream is our mission as a united community and nation.