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America is experiencing challenging and historic change.  A huge driving factor in our growth is a vibrant Latino community.  This impact reaches every corner of our great country, but navigating change in communities is tedious, ongoing work.  It is a labor without end because we have always been a nation of immigrants.  As an American woman born to immigrants, I made this labor of connection and guidance my life’s work.   I believe in the hope of America.  It is this hope that fuels my love for the people that give daily to their families, but struggle to understand basic pathways to success.  These pathways are an interconnectivity of family, education, the arts, spiritual support, civic involvement, resource guidance, and cultural diversity.  Together they weave strong,  healthy communities. 

My Council’s contributions, and my personal investment,  is given without cost to communities.  The integrity of my mission is fundamental to raising awareness and circumventing the rigidity of many stagnant systems that have failed to keep up with our changing community.     America is a blessed nation, and our many communities have something quite beautiful to contribute to her, and to our world.  These efforts have been developed with the support of many giving people who also believe in the power of hope.
God Bless,
Maria Banos Jordan- President and Founder

The Texas Familias Council is an independent, community development organization of volunteers that  nurture inclusive communities and support families. 



It has been an honor to serve our communities.
Thank you Dr. Wally Wilkerson and former State Senator Tommy Williams

What Carrs-Safeway offer to their employees

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Here's What You Need to Know

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Acceptance Insurance Mobile AL When Getting Married

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Women Shaping Communities

Rice University hosted our first Women Shaping Communities collaboration with the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties- Senior Advisor Ehsan Zaffar

wsc11 (3)wsc1


The FIRST MCLATINA Young Women’s Conference in Montgomery County took place in Feb.2, 2016.  Breaking barriers is key to addressing our emerging, young American population.  Leadership begins with inspiration, sustains through guidance, and passes forward with authentic empowerment of our young.  Our Legacy Leaders are leading beautifully through their efforts and message of unity and service.

Inspiring & Connecting Young Women Conference @ Caney Creek High School

caney creek conference judge commissioner (2) ccc18 ccc2



Advocating for Texas Health Issues with Lone Star Family Health Center

Maria in Austin w Mariaaustin1 (2)


Our Treasured Cultures, Arts, and Resources

Hanukkah w Becky and ConsulWe celebrated the lighting of the first candle of Hannukah with Israeli Consul of the SW U.S., Mr. Daniel Agranov and Pastor Becky Keenan of One with Israel, in Conroe.   Read about Maria Banos Jordan’s journey to Israel in ConnexionW Magazine — click to page 14 :


opera2Patty and Maria (2)dw lil library3

Council Members Dr. Carolina Castillo Crimm and Mrs. Marisa Rummell  support the arts with Maria Banos Jordan.  Patty Garcia, MCLatina Madrina, supports community efforts and women’s leadership.  Our future Latina leaders care for their community (Deerwood’s Girl Scouts with Little Library from MCM Library System)/  Our Texas HOPE Consortium meetings engage our diverse resource community.


THCapril8TX Hope Consort 2017

The hard work is done within communities, and in lifting communities to their potential. 



with Rice University Professor and Founding Director of  Hobby enter for the Study of Texas, Dr. Steve H. Murdock , and Texas Attorney and Former U.S. Senate Candidate, Linda Vega


A Montgomery County First:

 County Candidate Forum held in our Latino Community April 2014

A full house of local residents welcomed candidates for County Judge and County Commissioner.  This coordinated effort was the first such formal forum held for a rural Latino community in the county.  The Texas Familias Council was proud to be a part of this pivotal effort.  Every first builds a stronger community.

Click  below for coverage:
MCLatina Inspira interview with Univision:



  Bringing women together:  “MCLatina Inspira!”  at Lone Star College Montgomery  Nov. 8, 2012

Click title below to watch parts of our training/presentation in Conroe:

TLLR July 2012 presentation Latino Community and Immigration Policy


In 2011 our inaugural Symposium was the first Latino Leadership symposium held in Montgomery County, Texas , and one year later TXFC helped residents secure a 1.4 million infrastructure grant for an underserved community.


Dr. Steven Murdock at our Leadership Symposium

Dr. Steven Murdock at our Leadership Symposium

Sirviendo Nuestras Familias- Nuestra Comunidad

Liderazgo representando todas regiones y sectores de Montgomery County se juntaron para el simposio inagural- el primer estudio comprensivo de las poblaciones transicionales del condado.  EL Concilio es un producto orgulloso de nuestra comunidad y ofrecemos una voz independiente sobre los cambios enfrentando nuestro gran condado.


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